Research IT Prioritization Proposal

The Research IT Prioritization Proposal provides supplemental information to the proposal “A Bold Investment in Research for the University of Illinois” (v2.0). Submitted to campus Spring of 2016 to consider prioritization of efforts and options for scoping efforts at different budget levels as well as to provide context and history of campus involvement in the proposal development process for Research IT initatives.

Research IT Proposal

The Research IT Proposal is in direct response to the findings from the Year of Cyberinfrastructure Final Report and outlines a plan for campus to respond to identified needs. Submitted to campus February of 2016 and reviewed by the IT Faculty Advisory Committee, the Academic Senate IT Subcommittee, and the Engineering IT Research Working Group, the outcome was an endorsement of the vision articulated and a request for more information regarding implementation with prioritization and options at different budget levels.

Year of CyberInfrastructure Final Report

The Year of Cyberinfrastructure Final Report documents the activities and findings of a year-long process summarized into a set of seven recommendations and two “meta-recommendations” to the university to address findings. This report was delivered to the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Chief Information Officer in October 2015 and was subsequently released publicly to the university community in December 2015. In January 2016, the Deputy CIO for Research IT put out a broad call across the campus community to identify volunteers to help in developing a proposal to the campus to address the Year of Cyberinfrastructure recommendations.

Illinois Strategic Plan

The Illinois Strategic Plan documents how the University plans to accomplish its mission: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is charged by our state to enhance the lives of citizens in Illinois, across the nation and around the world through our leadership in learning, discovery, engagement and economic development.