Social Media Macroscope

What is the Macroscope?

The Social Media Macroscope is a comprehensive platform for researchers to collect social media data sets, perform analysis, and share results with other researchers. The tools made available in the Macroscope are designed to be quick, efficient, and easy to use, with no programming skills necessary. Data from multiple social media platforms are accessible through the Macroscope. Knowledgeable staff people are also available to provide demonstrations, consultations, and training services.

The Macroscope is currently a proof-of-concept. You can access the Macroscope at  As the Macroscope is still being built, new accounts are not being created at this time. However, we are happy to provide demonstrations and answer questions.  An announcement will be made when new accounts can be requested.

Who Runs the Macroscope?

The Social Media Macroscope is operated by Technology Services and is a part of the Social Media Lab, which specializes in social media analytics.

Meet the Team Behind the Social Media Macroscope


Joseph Yun

Joseph Yun is the leader of Social Media Analytics, and is also a Ph.D. Candidate in Informatics (A.B.D.). He led the charge to build the Social Media Lab from the ground up, and also utilizes social media data in his own research. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Informatics at the Illinois Informatics Institute at the University of Illinois, and conducts research in the realm of computational advertising. Additionally, he is leading the creation of the Social Media Macroscope.

Nick Vance

Nick Vance is a Sr. Social Media & Data Analyst. He has a M.S. in Information Science & a B.A. in Communication. He helps lead the Social Media Analytics team and has skills in API ingest, data processing, social media analytics, and public relations.


Chen Wang

Chen Wang is a programmer. She has a M.S. in Bioenergy and a M.S. in Atmospheric Science, and will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Informatics at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. She is experienced with web development, ecosystem modeling, and social media data analysis specializing in environmental topics, and is skilled with a variety of programming languages. Chen is currently building the social media analytics platform and utilizing it to understand public opinions towards some of the pressing sustainable issues such as climate change and energy depletion.

Joseph Troy

Joseph Troy is a Data Transformation and Database Specialist.  He has a B.S in Finance, an M.S. in Computer Science and is also a Ph.D. Candidate in Informatics (A.B.D.).  He has experience leading software development projects, developing software, and analyzing data.  He conducts research in computational methods to identify protein coding genes using transcriptome expression data.

Ashley Hetrick

Ashley Hetrick works in data analysis and outreach. She is completing a M.S. in Library and Information Science with an emphasis in Data and Asset Management, and she has an M.A. in English and an Ed.M. in Human Resource Development. Ashley has experience working with research data from many disciplines, and is skilled in relational databases, object-oriented programming, API ingest, text mining, and communications and training.