Social Media Analytics Summit

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The Social Media Analytics Summit is co-sponsored by the Illinois Data Science Initiative (iDSI) and Research IT at Technology Services, and is focused on bringing together researchers, educators, students, and outside industry partners who are interested in understanding what is happening within the realm of social media analytics research.

This was a half-day event with lightning presentations that span work conducted at Illinois, outside our campus within academia, and within the social media analytics industry.

We introduced the iDSI and our upcoming work on the creation of a social media macroscope for research during this summit.

iDSI Social Media Analytics Summit, co­sponsored by Research IT at Technology Services

Tuesday, May 2nd | NCSA Auditorium

8:30am-9:00am ­ Introductory Remarks ­ Introducing the iDSI, the Summit, and the Social Media Macroscope

  • Diesner, Jana (Illinois, iSchool) ­ “Welcome to the Social Media Analytics Summit: Challenges and Opportunities in an Emerging Field”. Diesner Presentation
  • Brunner, Robert (Illinois, Business & iSchool) ­ “iDSI: The Illinois Data Science Initiative”. Brunner Presentation
  • Yun, Joe (Illinois, Technology Services & Informatics) ­ “The Social Media Macroscope”. Yun Macroscope Presentation

9:00am-10:00am ­ Lightning Talks on Social Media Analytics (Research) ­ 10 minutes each

  • Lyons, Kate (Illinois, Linguistics) ­ “Computing Contextualization: Geotagged Discourse and the Social Production of Place.”.
  • Rai, Ankit (Illinois, Informatics) ­ “Human Visual Preferences for the Specific Landscape Elements Called Green Infrastructure Using Social Media Analysis.”
  • Addawood, Aseel (Illinois, Informatics)­ “Classification and Analysis of Sources Referenced in Tweets on Controversial and Non­Controversial Topics.” Addawood Presentation
  • Zsombok, Gyula (Illinois, French and Italian) ­ “Prescriptivism and Lexical Variation in French on Twitter.” Zsombok Presentation
  • Yahja, Alex (NCSA) ­ “A Theory of Dynamic Network Processing and Structuring.” Yajha Presentation
  • Shubhanshu, Mishra (UIUC, iSchool) ­ “Automatic Information Extraction from Unstructured Text.” Mishra Presentation

10:00am-10:30am ­ Coffee/Snack Networking Break
Refreshments sponsored by Research IT at Technology Services

10:30am-11:30am ­ Lightning Talks on Social Media Analytics (Large Systems and Industry) ­ 15 minutes each

  • Braun, Justine (Spredfast, a leading social media analytics company) ­ “Industry Research with Social Media Data.”
  • Pentchev, Valentin (Indiana University Network Science Institute) ­ “Indiana University’s Observatory of Social Media (OSoMe)” Pentchev Presentation
  • Hutchinson, Matthew (Indiana University Network Science Institute) ­ “Developing a Neo4j Graph Database of Reddit Data.” Hutchinson Presentation
  • Chang, Kevin (UIUC, Computer Science) ­ “Social Universe Observatory.” ­Chang Presentation

11:30am-11:50am ­ Panel Q&A

11:50am-12:00pm ­ Concluding Remarks and Next Steps