Social Media Lab

The University of Illinois Social Media Lab is a research and support group at the Illinois’ Urbana Campus specializing in social media analytics. We provide support analyzing social media activity around specific topics, brands, campaigns, people and crises.

Lab capabilities include but are not limited to text analysis, influencer identification, network analysis and conversation volume tracking. Data from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, YouTube and Reddit, along with data from many different blogs, forums, news and review sites is available.

Current analysis offerings are:

  •   Brand Analysis – We can analyze and provide reports on an organization’s social media presence, as well as work with an organization’s branding team to provide statistics on the efficacy of their marketing/brand strategy.
  •   Crisis/Conversation Tracking – We can provide periodic reports on the trends related to an ongoing crisis/conversation.
  •   Influencer Identification – We can identify the most influential social media accounts that are talking about various topics or organizations of interest.
  •   Research Data – We can provide raw social media data for a topic area to facilitate research.
  •   Visualizations – We can provide graphs and other visualizations of social media data for use in making your own reports.

The Social Media Lab is also responsible for the daily operations of the Social Media Macroscope, the platform upon which analysis is performed.

Contact to request any of these offerings or if you have any other questions about the Illinois Social Media Lab.