Illinois Campus Cluster To Retire Old Hardware

As the Illinois Campus Cluster Program (ICCP) enters its 6th year of production operations, it has come time to bid adieu to the oldest parts of the system: the initial cluster, dubbed Taub, will be retired on June 1, 2017. The program will forge ahead with operations and growth as new investors come on board and others reinvest as their equipment ages out. Additionally, users can now buy only the compute time they need with Research Computing as a Service (RCaaS), or rent storage on a month-by-month basis with the Active Data Storage (ADS) service. Keep an eye out for more new options for computing and storage later this year. Watch for more information on High Throughput Computing (HTC) soon!

Illinois Campus Cluster: What Makes Us Human

Technology Services has a new story looking at the tiny differences in gut bacteria that may lead to large discoveries like curing autism. The Illinois Campus Cluster makes it possible for Professor Tandy Warnow and Ph.D. student Michael Nute to run complex computations to analyze billions of DNA sequences.

Check out What Makes Us Human on the Technology Services website.