Project Description Outline

Project Description Outline

To ensure your request is directed to the appropriate resource(s), your description should include the sections outlined here.

A. Scientific/Technical Goal

Describe how your proposed work contributes to our understanding of COVID-19 or of cancer.

  • What is the scientific/technical goal and potential impact?
  • What is the plan and timetable for getting to the goal?
  • Where do you plan to publish your results and in what timeline?

B. Estimate of Compute, Storage and Other Resources

To the extent possible, provide an estimate of the AWS resources needed to complete the work. Please be as specific as possible in your resource request along with data supporting the request made.  

  • Are there specific AWS instance types that are most appropriate?
  • How much computing support will this effort approximately require in terms ofAWS credits? How does this break down into the number of independent computations and their individual compute requirements?
  • Describe the storage needs of the project.
  • Does your project require access to any public datasets? If so, please describe these datasets and how you intend to use them.


C. Support Needs

Describe whether collaboration or support from Research IT staff will be essential, helpful, or unnecessary. Estimates of necessary application support are very helpful. Teams should also identify any restrictions that might apply to the project, such as export-controlled code, ITAR restrictions, proprietary data sets, regional location of compute resources, or personal health information (PHI) or HIPAA restrictions. In such cases, please provide information on security, privacy, and access issues.

D. Team and Team Preparedness

Summarize your team's qualifications and readiness to execute the project both in using the methods proposed and the resources requested.

  • What is the expected lead time before you can begin the simulation runs?
  • What systems have you recently used and how big were the simulation runs?