Review Criteria and Project Expectations

Review Criteria and Project Expectations

The proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Potential benefits for addressing issues related to COVID-19 or to fighting cancer
  • Feasibility of the technical approach
  • Need for AWS cloud computing resources
  • Knowledge and experience of the proposing team in the use of cloud computing
  • Estimated computing resource requirements 

Please note the following parameters and expectations:

  • Projects supported by this special call are intended to provide benefits in either the fight against COVID-19 or the fight against cancer.
  • Allocations of resources are expected to be for a maximum of twelve (12) months.
  • Allocations will be in units of $25,000 in AWS credits.  This call has a total of four (4) such units to allocate.  With appropriate justification, a proposal may request more than one $25,000 unit of allocation.
  • All supported projects will have the name of the principal investigator, affiliation, project title and project abstract posted to the Research IT web site.
  • Project PIs are expected to provide brief (~2 paragraphs) updates on a quarterly basis.
  • It is expected that all project results will be open and publishable.
  • Project PIs are expected to provide a final project report of 2-3 pages (guidance forthcoming).

Deadline: The application must be complete and submitted no later than 5pm (CDT) on Friday, May 28, 2021. No extensions or exceptions will be entertained. The selection committee will only consider complete applications.  [NOTE: The submission tool will require establishing a login to the submission system that could require up to 24 hours to complete processing.]

Notification: Applicants will be notified via email of the success or decline of their proposals. Awarded proposals will be announced to the team at the completion of the committee’s decision-making process. Award announcements will also be made via campus and community listservs.