Submitting your Greg Gulick Honorary Research Award request

Submitting your request


NOTE: Step 1 may take up to 24 hours, please plan accordingly based on the deadline for submission.

  1. Create an NCSA Kerberos account  Account creation may take up to 24 hours once requested, please plan accordingly.
  1. Once your NCSA Kerberos account is created, go to the allocation request form:

  • Go directly to the XRAS submission portal
  • Select "Start a New Greg Gulick Honorary Research Award Submission."
Screen capture of XRAS System


  1. Complete your submission

Provide the data required by the form. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required to complete a submission.

  1. Select “New” request.
  2. Add a title and abstract for your submission.
  3. Select the relevant fields of science.
  4. One person must be designated as the Principal Investigator (PI) for the request. Other individuals can be added as co-PIs or Users (but they must have NCSA Kerberos accounts).
Screen shot of XRAS System
  1. You can ignore the Grants and Publications sections. However, you are welcome to enter any supporting agency awards, if applicable.
  2. Under Available Resources, check the “Requested” box.  No comment is required.
  3. In the Documents section, select "Add Document" to upload your 3-page document. Select "Main Document" as the document Type.
    1. Only PDF files can be accepted.
  4. At the bottom of the page, select "Submit." If necessary, correct any errors and submit the request again.
Screen shot of XRAS System