Vision and Mission


Research IT envisions Illinois to be the pre-eminent research university where digitally enabled scholars, researchers, faculty, and staff collaborate to tackle society’s grand challenges.


To expand and enhance the productivity of a growing and evolving community of campus scholars, researchers, faculty, staff, and their collaborators through discovery of future needs, tools and methods, connecting researchers with services, advancing the research community through consulting, training and support programs, and delivering valued IT services for researchers.

Building an Ecosystem

To expand and enhance the productivity of a growing and evolving campus research community, a research technology ecosystem is necessary.

The ecosystem consists of

  • high-performance networking,
  • computing, and
  • data elements

matched by the

  • support,
  • training, and
  • outreach

that enables their optimal use.

Research IT provides campus level coordination of the research technology ecosystem and partners with units across campus to integrate activities across campus, so that partners can both contribute and consume these services, resources, and expertise. Research IT, as the steward of this campus ecosystem, directly contributes to the environment as well as partners with local experts to create research outreach and support engagements with research computing and data services while promoting a seamless user experience.