Vision, Mission, Goals


Research IT envisions the pre-eminent research university where digitally enabled scholars, researchers, faculty, and staff collaborate to tackle society's grand challenges.


To expand and enhance the productivity of a growing and evolving community of campus scholars, researchers, faculty, staff, and their collaborators through discovery of future needs, tools and methods, connecting researchers with services, advancing the research community through consulting, training and support programs, and delivering valued IT services for researchers.


  • Discover
    • Foster a world class, continually-evolving, campus ecosystem through technical experimentation, development, and prototyping.
  • Connect
    • Engage with campus stakeholders to develop an understanding of their evolving needs and interests, and to promote an awareness of the existing resources at their disposal.
  • Advance
    • Expand the use of the advanced digital research services ecosystem by scholars, researchers, faculty, and staff.
  • Deliver
    • Sustain a reliable and secure ecosystem of resources and services (regardless of sourcing) that is matched by excellent customer support and is interfaced seamlessly with local, national, and international ecosystems.