Recipients Announced for the Greg Gulick Honorary Research Award

The Greg Gulick Honorary Research Awards have been awarded to four projects focused on combating cancer or COVID-19. The awards total to $100,000 of Amazon Web Services research credits.

Please join Research IT and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation in congratulating the recipients!

Mohammed El-Kebir, Ph.D., Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science: “Algorithms for Single-cell Cancer Phylogenetic”

Weihao Ge, Ph.D., Research Scientist with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications: “SARS-CoV2 Virus Spike Protein Phylogeny and Mutation Path. Designing mRNA Cocktail Vaccines that Confine Mutations to a ‘mild zone’”

Ting Lu, Ph.D., Professor with the Department of Bioengineering: “Agent-based Modeling of Cancer-Microbiome Ecology”

Jialan Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor with the Department of Finance: “The Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Households and Firms in the U.S. Economy”

Updated on September 3, 2021

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