Welcome to the new Research IT Portal!

Welcome to the new Research IT Portal! Thank you for visiting. The portal itself isn’t entirely new, but we have a new look with new features that we can’t wait to share with our research community.

Our goal at Research IT is to power your research with the best technology solutions at the best cost possible. We focus on getting you access to the right technology for your research needs, tech training to improve your success, and expert help to accelerate your progress.

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New Portal Features

The Research IT Portal was designed with the Illinois researcher in mind and aims to provide a one-stop shop for all your research technology needs. With the new features, we can help in new ways.

Get Help Faster

a screenshot of the Research IT portal Get Help page with categories and an animated graphic

The new Get Help page

Our Get Help game is elevated in this new version of the portal! We now have several places on multiple pages to either search for the help you need, or contact someone directly to request specific help. While giving researchers the resources and tools to be able to help themselves succeed is a huge part of our mission, we also want to be there first-hand for anyone who needs more guidance or is struggling with a problem. There is no need to delay your progress when there are consultants ready to connect you directly with the experts or tools you need.

Curated Guides

a screenshot of the research IT portal curated guide for research computing showing three resource results

A screenshot of the curated guide for research computing

We now offer a selection of curated guides to help find and select resources and services specific to your technology needs. For example, anyone looking for resources in data analysis can select the “Data Resource Guide” and find technology resources and trainings that cover data collection, analysis, processing, managment, storage solutions and more. Our guides are truly curated by campus experts in these arenas. We currently have four topic-specific curated guides and are continually working to add more.

Finder Tools for Storage and Web Hosting

Screenshot of backup and storage finder tool

The Backup & Storage Finder is a new tool that helps you determine which storage resource is best for your research data. It presents various available options and asks questions to help narrow down to the best selection. It filters based on the sensitivity of the data (ie student data, medical data, credit card data), individual file size needs, and whether you will need to grant access to contributors. 

The Web Hosting Finder helps you decide which hosting platform or service is best for the type of website you want to build or host. These campus resources can be filtered by the size of the site you need, whether you want pre-built themes or templates or you want to build and develop on your own, and who needs access to the front or back end of the site.

New Layout and Article Functions

With the new layout of the portal, we have amplified how you find the help you need. We have organized resources into groups like “Tools and Services” and “Online Training” to help you discover useful resources quicker. We added filter options that allow you to sort and order your results when searching for trainings and resources. Most service listings also offer a selection of “Related Resources” to suggest other opportunities to find what you need. The new article function allows us to better share the great research happening at Illinois, whether we are simply sharing the successes of others across campus, highlighting new resarch projects, tools, and even resarchers themselves. In keeping with our mission, we want to build visibility for the great work happening here so that the future can be filled with richer collaborations, interdiscplinary partnerships, and lots of great discoveries. 


Thank you for visiting us!

Updated on July 24, 2019

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