COVID-19 Resources

Hello, Research Community!

Research IT wishes to call your attention to the multiple campus opportunities available related to COVID-19 research efforts:


Computing Resources

Several Illinois Campus Cluster Program (ICCP) Investors have come together and volunteered to share their computing resources with campus research teams investigating/researching COVID-19. Research IT, and by extension ICCP, will contribute additional resources to this pool through the Research Computing as a Service (RCaaS) and Research Storage as a Service (RSaaS) resource pools to campus COVID-19 research.

The High-Throughput Computing (HTC) pilot resource remains available at no cost to campus research teams who need high-throughput type computing time. A high-priority job queue will be created to support COVID-19 research to ensure this important work takes precedence over other work ongoing on the resource.

Researchers with COVID-19 research projects will submit their request to Research IT After a quick review, research teams will be matched with the appropriate resource, accounts will be created, and work can begin.


Support Resources

In addition to the resources listed above, Research IT also has additional support in place to assist with COVID-19 research.

Research Computing Office Hours

Research IT has partnered with the Scholarly Commons to help with questions about the campus’s high performance computing (HPC). The goal of this service is to provide information and to help campus members find the best HPC related resources for their projects. For more information, visit

Research Software Collaborative Services

Get hands-on programming support. Researchers can request support from the Research Software Collaborative Services Group. Our experts provide access to deeper expertise in the areas of supporting diverse research applications and research software development through successful, meaningful collaborations between the developer and the researcher. For more information, visit

General Questions

As always, Research IT can be reached at if you have any questions.