Research Software Collaborative Services

Getting Hands-On Programming Support

Have you reached a plateau in your computational simulations?

Would you like to see if your code can run 10, 50 or even 100 times faster?

Do you want to see if advanced computing can help you Discover More?

Researchers can request support from the Research Software Collaborative Services Group. Our experts provide access to deeper expertise in the areas of supporting diverse research applications and research software development through successful, meaningful collaborations between the developer and the researcher.



The Research Software Collaborative Services group are professional software developers and domain science experts with particular expertise in creating and supporting software for academic research. Our experts, many with advanced degrees in domain areas, are available for collaborations, lasting months to one year, to help researchers fundamentally advance their research.

Expertise is available over a wide range of areas:

  • performance analysis
  • Software optimization
  • efficient use of accelerators
  • I/O optimization
  • data analytics
  • visualization
  • use of research computing resources by science gateways
  • workflows


Our experts will work closely with you to develop and/or support the tools you need to advance your research, with a focus on collaboration. It is important to identify one or more group members that will work with our experts, so that in the end your research group can fully incorporate the products of the collaborative development. This helps your research efforts grow, as your group will be fully invested in the collaborative work.


A limited amount of expert staff time can be requested to work with researcher groups at no cost. Submitted requests will be reviewed, prioritized and addressed as staff time allows. Additional support options may be available through contract work when waiting for staff availability may not be an option. We would be happy to discuss any additional support options as needed.


Research Software Collaborative Services can be requested by using the intake request form. The request is reviewed by our leadership team, and resources allocated to those who are approved.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please email