Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)


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What does it do: The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data, and expertise.

Who can use it: Faculty, staff, students, UniHigh students

Who to contact: XSEDE help

Contact email: help@xsede.org

Cost: Free

Major features: A free user portal account allows a user access to training and education opportunities, the ability to submit for a proposal on a quarterly basis, and access to open source cyberinfrastructure expertise. Users may access examples of good allocation requests to help them write their request for compute time on a variety of machines and expertise from across the XSEDE environment.

Special notes: Thousands of users utilize hundreds of millions of SUs each quarter on XSEDE.

Standard service hours: normal business hours and varies by XSEDE Service Provider

Scheduled maintenance hours: varies by XSEDE Service Provider, no standard time for enterprise services

Staffed support hours: 7×24 at the XSEDE Operations Center

How/where to report issues: help@xsede.org

Campus Customers:

  • Molecular and Cellular BiologyEmad Tajkhorshid – On charge no. TG-MCA06N060, Tajkhorshid’s team aims at providing atomic-level details on the mechanism of membrane-associated biomolecular systems.
  • Biophysics, Klaus Schulten – On charge no. TG-MCA93S028, Schulten’s team seeks to employ classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations at an intermediate scale to continue three projects: growth of amyloid fibrils, group II chaperonin, and nascent membrane protein insertion with YidC.