Scholarly Commons

What does it do: The Scholarly Commons is a service in the Main Library where researchers from all disciplines can get help with technology-intensive research. We partner with several organizations on campus to offer training and consultations around creating digital content; digital humanities; scholarly communication; copyright; geospatial, textual, and numeric data analysis; and innovative teaching and learning methods.

Who can use it: Faculty, staff, and students

Who to contact: Scholarly Commons

Contact email:

Cost: Free

Major features: Appointments with specialists in a wide variety of software and scholarly communications issues; workstations with scanners and advanced research software; workshops on general research skills and specific methods

Special notes: The Scholarly Commons also sponsors symposia, workshops and brown bags throughout the semester

Standard service hours: Mondays-Thursdays 11-7 and Fridays 11-6 during spring semester 2015

Scheduled maintenance hours: Not applicable

Staffed support hours: Same as service hours

How/where to report issues:

Campus Customers:

To date, researchers across campus have used the Research Data Service to:

  • HistoryFaculty members have worked with us to train their students to use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software to answer research questions.
  • Urban PlanningGraduate students have worked with us to add data they need about real estate assessments and transactions to the library collection so that they can use the data in their dissertations.
  • CommunicationFaculty members have asked about how Fair Use under copyright law applies to images they would like to use in their publications.