Accessibility Outreach

Offered by

Technology Services
Ensures departmental and group resources and services meet accessibility requirements.



How to gain access:

Requests for Accessibility Outreach should be submitted via 

Available to:

  • Faculty and Staff
  • Grad Students
  • Undergrads


Accessibility Outreach ensures departmental and group resources and services meet the accessibility requirements mandated by the Illinois IT Accessibility Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.


Because accessibility is federal and state mandated, Technology Services does not bill departments for this service.

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Accessibility is a constantly moving target with new laws and regulations appearing frequently. Technology Services at Illinois is uniquely positioned to stay abreast of this changing environment and offer accessibility expertise in software and web site development. Using Universal Design Principles, Technology Services staff will help integrate current accessibility guidelines and federal/state statutes so that you can meet the needs of the broadest possible audience.

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