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What is this?
The 4CeeD uploader is a light weight web tool used to upload scientific data files and metadata descriptors to a local repository.

Why use this? 
The 4CeeD uploader and curator replace outdated and inefficient methodologies used in many laboratories for data capture and storage.

How can the 4CeeD Uploader help me?

  • Data gets stored to local cloud storage.
  • Support for automating repetitive tasks.
  • Use templates for reliable user defined meta data entry.

How can the 4CeeD Curator help me?

  • All accessible data can be downloaded with its data-model hierarchy preserved.
  • Extractors pull descriptive metadata out of files and instrument logs for analysis and discovery.
  • Get reliable calibration data and how to reference it.
  • Share your data and use powerful free-text and faceted search for comparisons.
  • Broad set of customizable access control rules.



There is no cost associated with this resource.

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How do I get more information?

Primary Contact Steve Konstanty

Anything else I need to know?

Part of  T2C2: Timely and Trusted Curation and Coordination

Introduction to 4CeeD

The project develops the Timely and Trusted Curation and Coordination (T2C2) Data Framework, consisting of two data blocks:

1)The  4CeeD Curator, providing real-time acquisition and curation of digital data from selected materials-making / characterization and device-fabrication instruments in the collaborative research units at the university, the Material Research Lab (MRL) and the Micro-and-Nanotechnology Lab (MNTL) , and
2) The 4CeeD Coordinator, where collected data are filtered, correlations among data and dependency relations are identified, and the results are connected to other data processing capabilities. The goal of the T2C2 framework is to enable reduction of the development time and cost of materials-making /characterization to device-making processes.

4CeeD Product Page

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