NCSA Special Seminar: "Migratory Memory-Side Processing: Breakthrough Architecture for Data Intensive Computing"

Fri Oct. 12, 2018
11 am
"Migratory Memory-Side Processing:Breakthrough Architecture for Data Intensive Computing" Janice McMahon Technical Staff EMU Technology Abstract Conventional computer architectures poorly handle cache-unfriendly applications. The problem stems in part from the irregular memory-access patterns exhibited by these applications and in how remote memory accesses are handled. Today's data intensive applications, such as sparse-matrix linear algebra and graph analytics, do not exhibit the same locality traits as compute-intensive applications, resulting in the latency of individual memory accesses overwhelming the advantages of deeply pipelined fast cores. The "weak-locality" that data-intensive applications do exhibit -- where irregular accesses occur within a large memory region of several gigabytes -- can be exploited by an innovative architectural approach.The Emu Migratory Memory-Side Processing architecture provides a highly efficient, fine-grained memory system and migrating threads that move the thread state, as new memory locations are accessed, without explicit program directives. The "put-only" communication model dramatically reduces thread latency and total network bandwidth load as return trips and cache coherency are eliminated. This talk covers: how the architecture delivers orders of magnitude reduction in data movement and inter-process communication; the familiar C programming model with 3 verbs for extreme parallelism which makes it accessible to programmers and data scientists; straight-forward, single step memory allocation combined with data distribution; real-world results of graph analytics and sparse algorithmsthat validate the architectural vision. Bio Ms. McMahon has an extensive background in massively parallel computation, advanced computing architectures, algorithm and application mapping, and signal and image processing embedded computing. After attaining B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from M.I.T., Ms. McMahon has worked in research, industry, and government environments within the high-performance computing industry.Within the research community, she has worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Information Sciences Institute, and Reservoir Labs on advanced algorithms and architectures for a variety of high performance applications, as both researcher and project manager.Within the computing industry, she has worked on state-of-the-art software and hardware architectures at MasPar Computer Corporation, Scientific Computing and Analysis, HPC Project (now Sylvan), and currently, Emu Technology. Throughout her 30-year career, she has been exposed to a large variety of advanced research and commercial computer architectures as well as a broad range of high performance applications and algorithms. Her technical specialties include parallel algorithm mapping and performance analysis.
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National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

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