Research Computing Collaborative Services

In partnership with NCSA, Research IT offers Research Computing Collaboration Services (RCCS) to help you maximize the efficiency of your computational workflows, codes, and simulations. By harnessing the power of cluster and advanced computing tools, we aim to boost your research capabilities and enable groundbreaking discoveries. NCSA’s team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for research projects through meaningful collaborations, employing a wide range of advanced research computing tools and techniques.

Key Areas

Here are some of the key areas where NCSA can assist you:

  • Transition from local to remote cluster computing (Illinois Campus Cluster)

NCSA experts specialize in helping researchers seamlessly transition their computational workloads from local environments to the infrastructure of the Illinois Campus Cluster. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth migration and optimal utilization of cluster resources.

  • Application profiling and performance analysis

Is your code running slower than expected? Our team can analyze and profile your applications to identify performance bottlenecks and suggest optimization strategies. By fine-tuning your code, we can significantly improve its efficiency, saving you valuable time and computational resources.

  • Data presentation best practices and troubleshooting

Data presentation is crucial for gaining insights and effectively communicating your research findings. Our experts are well-versed in plotting and charting tools such as matplotlib and ggplot2 and can provide guidance on best practices along with troubleshooting to get just the right image.

Sustainable collaboration

Our experts will work closely with you to develop and support the tools you need to advance your research, focusing on collaboration. Identifying one or more group members that will work with our experts is essential so your research group can fully incorporate the products of the collaborative development, making it a sustainable effort.


A limited amount of expert staff time can be requested to work with research groups at no cost. Additional support options may be available through contract work when waiting for staff availability is not an option. Different support options can be discussed as needed.


Requesting support

Research Computing Facilitation Services can be requested using this intake request form.

Submitted requests will be reviewed, prioritized, and addressed as staff time allows.